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Webarchitects are a Sheffield based workers co-operative delivering IT and Internet services. Formed in July 2011 they have offices at "Creative Arts Development Space" Sheffield, and deliver their services out of Sheffield and Iceland.

Chris of Webarchitects says "We'd been providing web and IT services for a decade or more, but reformed as a co-op specifically to target green and environmental issues in IT. Our hosting in Iceland is all geothermal powered, making it inherently carbon neutral, and we negotiated with our Sheffield data centre provider to move their entire Sheffield operation to "Good Energy". We believe that this made them the first UK datacentre powered by sustainable electricity."

Webarchitects have great experience of providing information security services to progressive social rights and justice organisations. During the UK Occupy campaigns Webarchitects provided input for the Occupy Sheffield website. Of all the Occupy websites, this was the only one that was free of corporate web 'bugs' and advertising tools.

Other clients that Webarchitects have provided consultancy for include "Ceasefire" magazine and "Child Rights International Network" . Chris says "We've always taken privacy and security of our systems seriously and are always happy to advise on the best way to deliver IT services securely. We donate to International Modern Media Initiative, a project to build a legal framework in Iceland that protects free speech and data from corporate and state surveillance".

"Other cool services we've been working with clients on are "ownCloud" which is a way for an organisation to set up their own online document, calendars and contacts system, and securing WordPress installations."

For more information on Webarchitects see or call 0114 2769709