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The Webarchitects Virtual Servers have xen shell access available for clients.

Following are some notes on the main features offered by the xen shell. Further help and resources can be found on the xen-tools.org site, see the xen-shell commands page.

You should have a ssh username and password and / or have your ssh public key(s) uploaded to one of the xen servers, you can connect to the one corresponding to your virtual server:

  • xen1.webarch.net
  • xen2.webarch.net
  • xen3.webarch.net

List Virtual Machines

If you have more than one virtual machine you can use list the machines using list:

xen-shell> list
You may control the following Xen instances:


(Use 'control' to take control of a particular instance.)

Take Control of a Virtual Machine

If you have more than one virtual machine then you need to take control of one before you can do anything with it, use list to get a list of machines you can control and then control to take control:

xen-shell> control dove.webarch.net
Controlling: dove.webarch.net

Get Console Access

xen-shell[dove.webarch.net]> console

Running console for dove.webarch.net - exit with Ctrl+]
(You might need to press return a couple of times to see activity.)

Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 dove hvc0

dove login:

To exit from the console use Ctrl ].