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On the latest Webarchitects shared hosting servers you can request SSH access if you have uploaded your public ssh key(s), see SFTP#SSH_Keys — we only allow SSH key based authentication.

When we grant SSH access we also revoke SFTP and SSHFS access (but you can use SCP and rsync over SSH so this shouldn't be a problem).

The environment you have access to via SSH is not the environment in which Apache and MySQL are running (you SSH into a chroot which has your home directory mounted in it), however you can use the mysql command line client and mysqldump and drush, wp, git, composer etc.

If there are any tools you need and which are not installed please ask for them to be installed (for example if you need an editor other than Vim!).


Please note that your home directory is owned root and in the group root, this is because the sub-directory ~/logs has to be owned by root as Apache runs as root and if it is unable to write log files Apache won't start — if home was owned by the user account then users would have permission to move ~/logs (even when it is root:root) and thus break Apache for all users on the server… if you need any additional sub-directories in $HOME creating and chowning please ask us to do this for you.


There is one issue with the environment, the envvar TMPDIR doesn't get properly set on login, we are not sure why and since /tmp is not writeable you will probable need to run the following command to set this variable before things like drush and wp will work properly:

 source ~/.bash_rc