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The Webarchitects shared hosting servers all have phpMyAdmin installed which gives you a web interface to MySQL, our servers run MariaDB which is a fork of MySQL.

Webarchitects Shared Hosting Servers

On our Debian Bullseye based Shared Hosting Servers your MariaDB username is the same as your SSH/SFTP username but there is a separate password for MariaDB which can be found in ~/.my.cnf.

If you change your MariaDB password please also change it in ~/.my.cnf (if you don't a new one might be generated for you and written to ~/.my.cnf).

There is phpMyAdmin access available on these servers on a dedicated sub-domain, for example:

You can create a SSH tunnel to the server if you wish to use a local database client, for example for user example with database example_db, on your local machine create a local socket that connects to the remote socket over SSH:

ssh -L ~/mysql.sock:/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

And then connect you local client to the local socket and enter your remote MariaDB password:

mysql -S ~/mysql.sock -uexample -p example_db