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The Webarchitects, Ecohost and Ecodissident shared hosting servers all have phpMyAdmin installed which gives you a web interface to MySQL.

Following are details specific to the different servers.

Webarchitects and Ecodissident Shared Hosting Servers

Your MySQL user and and password is the same as your SFTP username and password.

You can also use phpMyAdmin to change your MySQL and account password — the SFTP account uses the MySQL account password.

If you set up SSH keys then you can connect using SFTP without a password. Note that when you change your password you will also need to update any configuration files that contain your MySQL password.

To connect to MySQL from an application use localhost for the MySQL server address.

If you want to install multiple applications using one database then use a table prefix for each application.

Ecohost ISPConfig Servers

You can set up MySQL databases by logging on to the control panel and proceeding as follows:

  • Click on 'sites'
  • Click on 'Database'
  • Click on 'Add new database'.
  • Complete the database name, username and password.
  • Tick "allow remote access" (required to allow connection from the web server)
  • To restrict access to the database to only allow connections from the web server, add the IP address of the web server in the "Remote Access IPs" box.

IMPORTANT: Please note that because the database is hosted on a separate server, 'Remote Access' will have to be enabled in order for the web server to communicate with your database. If you do not wish to allow global remote access to your database, please enable 'Remote Access' and enter the IP address of the web server ( for and for in the 'Remote Access IPs' field.

It may take up to a minute for the database to be created.

Once it is created, you can access the database using phpMyAdmin at:

You will need to log in using the database username and password you specified when creating the database.

PLEASE NOTE: when connecting to the database server from the web server, the host will need to be — not localhost.