Why are you more expensive than some others?

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Sorry; we don't try to compete on cost. Others are not comparable as they are not in the game for ethical reasons. Instead clients value us for offering good, personal technical help, socially responsible ethical principles, high level knowledge of internet security and open source software, and because we use only 100% renewable energy. Also as a co-operative, we also voluntarily serve the co-operative movement, and we offer any client interested to become a client-member of our co-op. This entitles you to a discount if we were to do any paid work, and of course chance to attend meetings and vote on the running of the organisation.

If we haven't convinced you yet, we are Sheffield-based so we're not far away if you ever want to talk to us!

Our Ecodissident prices were originally based on dividing shared hosting on our virtual server in Iceland, provided by 1984.is, based on disk space with no overselling. It was then decided to offer the Sheffield prices for the service in Iceland. We don't make any money on shared hosting.

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