Where do we start with improving our WordPress website?

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It depend what results you want to achieve, of course. We would suggest you first think and list what things you would like changing. Then contact us to discuss.

The things that we could help with include:

Hosting: if you would like us to host the site we can help you to migrate your site across.

Hosting a development version of the site. This would allow a copy of the site to be worked on without disrupting the live site, until it is ready to be made live.

We can also set the site up to use HTTPS for privacy and security, this would require a commercial certificate.

Regarding the look of the site; if an existing, free, theme can be used then this would make the job a lot easier and quicker, have a look at what is available: https://wordpress.org/themes/

There are also themes designed to make it easy for you to edit the layout, for example: https://wordpress.org/themes/customizr