How much would it cost for a small website?

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On this page there is a list of our website shared hosting (where you have space on a server rather than your own server) costs:

To take an example, our basic Database S package may be suitable for your purposes. This package can include WordPress, a content management system that allows you to build and update your web site via an easy-to-use web interface. Or, if you plan on using Drupal, we can also install that for you, for free, with this package. Drupal is powerful and flexible, for building highly customised websites, but it requires more knowledge. If you are not an experienced Drupal developer, we'd recommend that you find one to work with.

To run the package you would need a domain name. If you already have one you can simply update the DNS for your domain to point requests at our web server's IP address. If you don't have a domain name already we can provide you with one, see the the prices on the following page, more details on our DNS wiki page.

Setting up a domain name can also include setting up your domains email server(s), ours or others. If you want us to provide email accounts using your domain name (eg. we charge an annual fee dependant on how much storage space you use — 1 GB is usually sufficient at the start, see our prices on this page:

We strongly urge everyone to get a TLS certificate (previously SSL) so people can access websites using HTTPS as this gives far more confidentiality and security through encrypting all data exchanged with the server, including passwords if configured correctly, for prices see this page:

That's all you need to get you started, so to summarise:

  1. An annual or two-yearly cost for your domain name registration, if you don't already have one.
  2. An initial cost for the domain name set up if we are registering one for you.
  3. An annual cost for web hosting.
  4. An annual cost if you would like email hosting
  5. An annual cost if you would like a TLS certificate

If you use WordPress and wish to customise the "look and feel" of your website, we could install a theme of your choice, see:

The main cost is the shared hosting account and the cheapest of these don't come with a database, which means that content management systems like WordPress can't be used, however, some content management systems don't need databases, for example:

Or the cheapest option involves generating the whole site locally and uploading static HTML.

See also: How do I set up a very simple webpage/blog page and a domain name?