How do I set up a very simple webpage/blog page and a domain name?

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We would suggest WordPress for blogging, we can install this for you with one of our Database S packages: WordPress is widely used, there is a lot of online support.

The details we would need to sort a domain name are:

   The domain name required (for example
   The name of the owner (this isn’t simple to change, it's best to use an organisation name rather than the name of a person)
   Country code (GB = Britain)
   Postal address
   Post code (if the country code is GB, JE, GG or IM)
   Administrator name
   Administrator email

If we register the domain name to an organisation, which makes sense if it's not the property of an individual, then you can't opt for a private postal address. Private addresses are only possible for .uk domain names that are owned by individuals. Our domain name prices are here: The, and addresses are the cheapest. See:

Order by email and we will confirm and send an invoice. Once payment is received, the set-up can be quite quick.

See also: How much would it cost for a small website?