Can you recommend a content management system (CMS) to put content on my website?

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The two cheapest CMS (content management systems) we would suggest are:

1. GetSimple CMS, along with our Dynamic hosting package:

2. WordPress, and our Database S hosting package:

With either CMS you would want some customisation to make the site look like you want it to look. The cheapest and easiest way to to do this is for you to find a good existing theme for the CMS and using that:

1. GetSimple CMS themes:

2. WordPress themes:

It would also be possible to build a theme from scratch though this would be more time consuming.

There would then be some work if you wish to add a header image to the site, perhaps change some colours and the background and copy across existing content, which we could help with on a paid-for basis (queries answered free of course).