Can you advise on WordPress Multisite?

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With WordPress Multisite You can run multiple websites from one installation of WordPress. It involves configuration changes. Each site will have its own content, plugins and themes - and it can be set up for site admins who administrate only their own site. A network administrator needs to install and enable themes, plugins and site-wide settings only once, then all of the sites are updated.

Note that some themes and plugins do not work on Multisite.

It works in a different way to standard WordPress, and not all web-hosting services can support the requirements:

You need more technical skills to manage a network.

Some thoughts on plugins with WordPress Multisite:

- Akismet - anti-spam, probably worth enabling
- Avatars For Multisite - network enabled (WPMU DEV, see below).
- Avatars (BBPress) - delete as this is done by "Avatars For Multisite"?
- Blogs Widget
- Easy Blogging
- Invitee - network enabled (WPMU DEV)
- Messaging
- Pro Sites (Formerly Supporter) - network enabled
- Recent Global Posts Widget – we think this duplicates functionality of the "Blogs Widget"? (WPMU DEV)
- Set Password on WordPress Multisite Blog Creation
- Signup Code
- Support System - network enabled (WPMU DEV).
- WP-Members - this looks like it could be used rather than the WPMU DEV plugins for some things?
- WP-Piwik - network enabled
- WPMU DEV Dashboard - network enabled (WPMU DEV)

Have you signed up for WPMU DEV membership or are you planning to? On the above page it says "Ongoing memberships are only required for support, upgrades, new releases, security updates, videos and the anti splog API. All of our plugins and themes are 100% GPL." If it's true that security updates are only available to members I suggest you either don't use their plugins or pay to be a member but it's not cheap.

Things like this are constantly in development, so contact us by email to discuss the latest position if you are thinking of using WordPress Multisite.