Can my website have buttons / a display with a revolving feature / contact address which shows @ as opposed to 'at'?

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These could be done in a simple static HTML website which has been generated using a HTML editor (website-building software) on a computer, and then uploaded. Building and maintaining the site in this way does have some advantages. It's very cheap to host static HTML, and if the people maintaining the site know how to use the software for editing the site then it's quite quick to edit and update the site.

However if, later, you need to ask us to do work on the site it will mean editing the static HTML and CSS. This isn't a problem for us, as we know the syntax even if we don't have a copy of the software. But if you don't have a copy of the software or aren't easily able to update the site directly then there is the disadvantage that you would have to pay us to make every little change on the site. This could result in the site becoming expensive for you to maintain.

An alternative would be to start using a content management system (CMS) to run the site. This would have the advantage that you could edit and maintain the site yourself, simply using your web browser.

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