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Information about the PHP versions and settings for the Webarchitects, Ecohost and Ecodissident Shared Hosting servers.

If any of the settings are causing problems with ours sites (for example you need to be able to upload bigger files) please get in touch to ask for changes.

To find out all the settings you can create a info.php files which contains:

<?php print phpinfo(); ?>

If you do this please remember to delete it after use or protect it with a password.

The server has the latest Debian Wheezy PHP5 (5.4.39 on 2015-04-11) and has the following php.ini variables changed from the defaults:

disable_functions = dl,exec,passthru,pcntl_exec,popen,proc_close,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_open,proc_terminate,shell_exec,show_source,symlink,system,system_exec

memory_limit = 200M

html_errors = Off

register_globals = Off

register_long_arrays = Off

post_max_size = 200M

upload_max_filesize = 200M

max_file_uploads = 120

allow_url_include = On

The PHP packages installed:

dpkg --get-selections | grep php
libapache2-mod-php5                             install
php-pear                                        install
php-wpcli                                       install
php-xml-parser                                  install
php5                                            install
php5-cli                                        install
php5-common                                     install
php5-curl                                       install
php5-dev                                        install
php5-gd                                         install
php5-intl                                       install
php5-mcrypt                                     install
php5-mysql                                      install
php5-xmlrpc                                     install
phpmyadmin                                      install